We ran our weekly sessions on Zoom during lockdown. It was great to have people from further away join us – we hope to meet some of them in person at some point. To run the changes a bit, we also had some feature spots, most of which were recorded. Thanks to everyone who agreed to perform one of these and allow us to use the footage.

4th August 2021: Petrichor

Thanks to Annette and Bob for contributing a great feature spot for our first Zoom session since we started to meet in person. We got an eclectic selection of songs, beautifully sung, with distinctive arrangements.

The full set was captured for posterity for those who missed it, or would like to revisit it.

23rd May 2021: Martin Butcher

Thanks to MBAC regular Martin Butcher for his super feature slot on 23rd May.

Martin’s wide repertoire includes songs from the singer-songwriter era, sixties pop, and others reflecting his multi-instrumentalist role in Celtic Heartbeat.

Martin Butcher

2nd December 2020: Terry Hiscock

Terry Hiscock was a founder member of folk/rock band Hunter Muskett in 1969. They recorded for Decca and went on to tour with some big names, including Ralph McTell, Fotheringay, Fairport, Pentangle and Steeleye Span, and to play major festivals. They reformed in 2010 when their original album was re-issued on CD, and have since recorded two more albums and have been gigging regularly.

It was great to have Terry join us to play a Zoom feature spot for us on 2nd December. Here’s his full set in case you missed it or would like to see it again. Contact Terry via his web site at www.terryhiscock.com if you’d like to buy a CD.

19th October 2020: David & Alison Fenner

Reunion Lane were due play on a feature spot on 19th October, but Simon was not well, so Alison & David stepped up to the plate and played an excellent set. Many thanks to them for doing this at short notice. Here’s Karine Polwart’s ‘Sorry’ from that evening.

9th September 2020: Mark Ashworth

We’re used to hearing some of Mark’s songs sung by Alan & Liz or Alison & David, so it’s been great to have Mark himself along to some of our Zoom sessions.

We heard half an hour of his own songs on 9th September, when he played a feature slot for us. The event was streamed on YouTube and recorded for posterity, so you can watch here.

10th June 2020: David Boulton

On 10th June, we were joined for a remote feature spot by David Boulton, better known as half of His Worship and the Pig.  Many thanks to Dave for a super spot.